What is AutoMod Manager?

simple AutoMod setup with proven custom rule templates to protect your server
AutoMod Manager is a simple tool that provides easy access to proven custom rule templates and helps you create AutoMod rules. No need to know what regex is and learn the clunky Rust implementation, AutoMod Manager provides you with a simple drop-down menu to select the moderation rules that you need.
🤖 Choose from 12 different AutoMod templates! 🤖
AutoMod Manager's custom rules block messages before they are even sent so that you can keep your server looking clean!
If you already have Good Knight, you do not need AutoMod Manager. All of the AutoMod Manager features can be used through Good Knight's Moderation options
AutoMod Manager is fully integrated with Good Knight. Any settings that you change in AutoMod Manager or Good Knight will be reflected in both bots.