description of the Good Knight /channel-register command

Only the server owner or Good Knight admin can use this command


/channel-register <#channel>


Register or unregister channels and categories to make them immune to anti-link


Allows the server owner or Good Knight admin to (un)register a channel or category in the server. The Good Knight bot will no longer delete any links posted to this channel. It is preferred that users use the /link-register command instead of registering entire channels.

Channel registration should be done carefully! Bad actors may be able to post malicious links in these channels.

Potentially good candidates for channel registration include any bot feed channels (e.g. Twitter feeds, sale feeds) that users do not have access to. Ask yourself the question, "Is it reasonable for the user to expect a team member to post a link in this channel and tag @everyone?"

Bad candidates for channel registration include any channels that server admin/mods/staff use to post important information (e.g. #announcements, #updates). These channels are major targets for hackers as users are likely to believe any post is originating from a trusted source.

When executing the /channel-register command, you must provide a channel or category (<#channel>). You will be prompted for your Good Knight password and then can select to register or unregister the channel or category.

If you are registering a category, it can be registered in one of two ways:

  1. Register Channel - Quickly registers all channels currently within the selected category

  2. Register Category - Any channels existing within this category are immune to anti-link

Tip: You can see what channels have been registered using the /display-items command


The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin and logs channels:

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links


  • None

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