description of the Good Knight /display-items command




View and reset allowlists registered with Good Knight


Outputs a summary of the Good Knight bot settings within your server. This command provides info on:

  • Good Knight moderators

  • Registered webhooks

Good Knight Moderators

This important category list the users that are registered with the Good Knight, including the server owner, Good Knight admin, and Good Knight mods. The registered moderators can have one of several statuses:

  • Active - User that has Good Knight mod permissions

  • Deactivated - User that previously had Good Knight mod permissions but were removed using the /manage-mods command

  • 🚨Account Locked 🔒 - User that has failed to input their correct password 3 times in a row. They cannot use Good Knight until their password is reset by the server owner using the /password-reset command.

  • ⚠️No Password Set - User that has been given Good Knight mod permissions but has not set their password.

Users with locked accounts may have been compromised. Careful with resetting their password until their identity is confirmed. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before granting a password reset request.

Vulnerability: Users that have been given Good Knight permissions but have not set their Good Knight password present a risk. If their account is compromised before setting their password, the hacker could set a password instead.

Registered Webhooks

A list of webhooks registered with the Good Knight bot is output. This includes the webhook's ID, name, type, channel it's in, and user it was created by.


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