description of the Good Knight /lock-channel command

💎 this command is a premium feature


/lock-channel <#channel>


Instant secure channel or category lockdown that can be used by any Good Knight admin/mod. Good Knight takes a snapshot of the permissions and reapplies them when unlocking


Lock Channel

Instantly lockdown a channel or category. When a channel is locked, nearly all permissions are removed from all roles and channel permission overwrites below Good Knight. The only remaining permissions will be View Channels and Read Message History for the roles and users that already have these permissions. A channel lockdown message is sent to every channel that has been locked.

Unlock Channel

To unlock the selected channel or category, use the /lock-channel command again. When the channel is unlocked, the pre-locked server settings are reapplied. Any attempts to manually update channels and/or roles may affect the outcome of this process. In addition, an unlock message is sent to every channel.

The only users that can unlock the channel are:

  • server owner

  • any user with both Good Knight access

  • any user with Manage Roles, Manage Channels, etc. or Administrator permissions can reset the channel manually (not recommended)



  • Administrator

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