description of the Good Knight /password-manage and /password-reset commands

Never share your Good Knight password with anyone!

Never post your password ANYWHERE within discord, even in DMs

Only use your password when executing a Good Knight command

Good Knight will never unexpectedly ask for your password



/password-reset <@user>


Set, edit, and reset passwords & tokens


This command allows the server owner, Good Knight admin, and Good Knight mods to set their password and one-time token, depending if the server requires a password, one-time token, or 2FA. The user's password/token is used to access most of the Good Knight commands.

  • Passwords & tokens are user-specific you will never have to share passwords & tokens to obtain Good Knight access

  • Passwords & tokens are server-specific if you're a Good Knight mod in multiple servers, you can set a different password & token in each

  • Passwords are one-way hashed your password can never be leaked, even if a hacker breaches our database. See Is My Password Safe? for more info

  • Accounts lock after 3 failed password attempts only the server owner can unlock the account by resetting their password

  • Tokens are one-time use your token changes every 30 seconds and can only be accessed through your authenticator app. See Is My Password Safe? for more info

  • Tokens are usable with any authenticator app Good Knight supports authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy

⚠️ Remember to keep your Good Knight password & token safe! It's your last line of defense against any hacker. Never post your password or token anywhere within discord and never provide it to any user or bot, unless it's the result of a Good Knight command that you initiated. The Good Knight will never unexpectedly ask you for your password or token. If your account is compromised, the hacker will be able to see your messages, DMs, and even slash command inputs. This is why the Good Knight modals (pop-up boxes) are the ONLY way info can be hidden from a hacker that has compromised your account

The password command gives you access to several options based on your current status and permissions

Before using any protected Good Knight commands, you will be required to set a password and/or token. You will follow this process the first time you use /password-manage after being given access to the bot or if your password & token were reset.


If your server requires a password or 2FA, the password must follow these complexity rules:

⚠️ do not use your discord password!

After you execute the /password-manage command, you will be presented with this pop-up to set your new Good Knight password

Timed One-Time Token:

If your server requires a one-time token or 2FA, you will need to register your secret key with an authenticator app:

You have two options to register with your authenticator app, either through a QR code or directly from the secret key.

After following the secret key registration options, click Verify and enter your timed one-time token to confirm that you're set!

⚠️ QR codes can be dangerous! This is the ONLY time Good Knight will show you a QR code. Do not scan unexpected QR codes


The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin channel:

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links


  • None

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