Required permissions from manage-mods: Create Announcement


/post <channel>
  • Optional: <role>

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the /post command to send one-time links and cut down on clutter in the registered links list
  • Type out a message in the discord chat box with all the emojis, user # channel mentions, and channel # mentions you need then copy it before using /post. If you paste this message into the /post pop-up form, Good Knight will recreate all the emojis and mentions!
  • Role mentions are harder, due to discord limitations. Use the <role> option to mention a role. Or add R! following any role mention and Good Knight will populate that mention. For example: @Admin's and Staff R! will mention the @Admin's and Staff role
  • If you don't like the above method and @everyone is locked down in your server, an alternative is to post the message without Good Knight and then us the Mention Only option to add any mass mentions in a second message


Allows a Good Knight mod to post a message in the specified channel. The message can be an embed, plain text message, or only @ mention. This command is useful for sending messages with links that haven't been registered. With the correct setup, this command can be used to password-protect mass mentions!
When executing the /post command, you must provide a channel in your server to send the message (<channel>). You also have the option to specify a role for your message to tag.
Then the bot will prompt you with three different methods for sending a post:
  • Embed message (pretty)
  • Plain text post
  • Mention only
After selecting a message type, you will be prompted to select if your message should tag nobody, @everyone, or @here.
Discord does not support pings from @ mentions in Embed Post messages. To ping @ everyone or @ here, use this method. To ping @ <role>, add the role along with the slash command <role>
Embed Post
Plain Text Post
Mention Only


Option 1: The Good Knight bot should have these permissions:
  • Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles
Option 2: Alternatively, the Good Knight bot could have these permissions in the channel the message will be sent:
  • Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles
Option 3: A role being mentioned by the Good Knight bot could have these permissions.
Warning - this setting will allow any user to tag the role
  • Allow anyone to @mention this role


The Good Knight bot must have these permissions in the channel the message will be sent:
  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
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