Manage Anti-link

It is highly recommended to activate anti-link protection

Good Knight anti-link is an important feature to protect your server from unwanted and malicious links. As a primary prevention measure against hacks, activating anti-link is strongly recommended.

Once anti-link is activated, Good Knight will auto-delete any unregistered links sent by a user or bot. The deleted message will be resent in the logs channel along with a list of the unregistered links. Links can be quick-approved by registering them from the drop-down menu provided with the deleted message or more comprehensive management of links can be done with the /link-manager command.

During setup, you will be prompted with the anti-link options.

Repost Option

If anti-link is activated, selecting the Repost option means that any messages containing unregistered links will be deleted and then reposted by Good Knight in the same channel they were sent from. When Good Knight reposts the message, a warning is included so that all users are aware that one or more links have not been approved by the server.

To approve or deny a reposted message, right-click on the message -> Apps -> Approve/Deny Message. When a message is approved, the color turns green and the warning is removed. When a message is denied, the message is deleted.

The Repost option is great for servers that want to allow unregistered links but notify users that they click on the link at their own risk

Warning Option

If you decide to activate anti-link protection, you have the option to turn on automatic warnings to users when their messages are deleted. These warnings will be sent in response to the user and will stay in chat for 5 seconds before disappearing.

Super-charge anti-link to block an even wider range of potential links. Learn more about Anti-link Pro here.

If anti-link is activated, you have the option for certain types of messages to be immune to anti-link. Select the anti-link immunity options from the drop-down menu. The options include:

  • Verified Bots

  • Non-Verified Bots

  • Good Knight Admins and Mods

  • Webhooks: Channel Follows

  • Webhooks: Verified Bots

  • Webhooks: Non-Verified Bots

  • Webhooks: User-Created

Adding immune options may put your server at risk from malicious links

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