Manage Anti-webhook

Webhooks are one of Discord's most useful features but also one of the most dangerous for your server. Anti-webhook protection is a necessity for any secure server. There are several types of webhooks in Discord, some more dangerous than the others. You can read about the different types and how they are moderated in Anti-webhook features section.

When anti-webhook is activated Good Knight will protect against webhook attacks by blocking any messages sent by unregistered webhooks and removing unwanted webhooks.

Anti-Webhook Immunity Options

If anti-webhook is activated, you have the option for certain types of webhooks to be immune to anti-webhook. Select the anti-webhook immunity options from the drop-down menu. The options include:

  • Channel Follows

  • Verified Bots

  • Non-Verified Bots

  • User-Created

Adding immune options may put your server at risk from malicious webhooks

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