description of the Good Knight /webhook-manager command

Required permissions from manage-mods: Manage Webhooks




View, register, and unregister webhooks. Create and manage secure webhooks.


The Webhook Manager offers an easy-to-use solution for discord webhook management. It offers the safest way to create webhooks for external applications. You no longer need to create vulnerable webhooks from the discord Integrations panel (Captain Hook, Spidey Hook).

Running the /webhook-manager command will provide you with a set of options.

Create Secure Webhooks

To create a new Good Knight secure webhook, select the Create button. These webhooks are more secure because a hacker cannot discover the webhook's URL without your Good Knight password. This URL can be used by external applications that are built to send messages to your server.

Keep webhook URLs secret. If a hacker obtains a webhook URL, they can send messages in your server and use @everyone

Manage Secure Webhooks

Webhooks created by Good Knight can only be managed through the Webhook Manager. The Manage button provides several options for secure webhooks including:

  • Edit its name/avatar

  • Edit its channel

  • Retrieve its secret URL (password required)

  • Delete the webhook

Register/Unregister Webhooks

For webhook types other than secure webhooks, the recommended way to register them is immediately after they have been added to the server. When detected, a log message is sent to the Good Knight logs channel with a dropdown menu to easily register the webhook. See the anti-webhook page for more information.

As an alternative, webhooks can be registered by ID. This ID can be found by right-clicking on the profile image of a message the webhook sent or from the Good Knight log message about that webhook.

Unregistering webhooks is simpler, select Unregister Webhook in the Webhook Manager and select a webhook from the drop-down menu.


The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin and logs channels:

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links


  • Manage Webhooks

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