What do hackers want?

Discord hackers are no different than your standard hacker. Their primary goals are money and creating chaos. But to accomplish this on Discord they need three things:

  1. A compromised trusted community member

    • server owner

    • admins

    • mods

    • team members

  2. A method of sharing their scam

    • malicious links

  3. A way to quickly attract a critical mass

    • @everyone

    • @here

    • @role

Good Knight is the only bot that focuses on solving #2 and #3.

The unfortunate truth is the #1 is unsolvable. Phishing and social engineering attacks will happen no matter the platform and no matter how much security you have in place. Anyone that thinks they are immune to these kind of attacks doesn't understand human nature.

These "hackers" are after your Discord token which can be used to bypass your Discord password/2FA. Once they have your token, the hacker can login as you, control your account, read all of your messages/DMs, and even login to any bot dashboards that you have authorized.

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