select from a large set of moderation rules that block messages before they are even sent
Quickly setup common auto-moderation rules for your server with Good Knight's Moderation feature. When a rule is selected, Good Knight will modify Discord's AutoMod settings. Discord's built-in AutoMod has huge advantages over existing auto-moderation bots because it will block offending messages before they are even sent. These rules can be tweaked by navigating to your server's AutoMod panel.
To activate moderation, use the /setup command and select Moderation from the drop-down menu.
Moderation Rule
Mention Spam
Blocks messages with 5 or more user & role mentions
Suspected Spam
Blocks messages with spam-like content
Severe Profanity
Block extreme forms of swearing or cursing
Insults & Slurs
Blocks personally insulting terms and terms that may be considered hate speech
Sexual Content
Blocks terms that refer to sexually explicit behavior or activity
Zalgo Text
Blocks characters with excessive diacritical marks, may result in false positives for some complex emojis
Blocks all spoiler messages from being sent
Excessive All Caps
Blocks 6 or more capital letters in a row, may result in false positives for long acronyms
Excessive Emojis
Blocks 5 or more emojis in a row
Inline Links
Blocks inline (hidden) links that do not show the full URL
Blocks the markdown headers
Bulleted Lists
Blocks the markdown bulleted lists