Repost Links

the perfect solution for alpha channels and servers that want security + link freedom

Are you looking for the flexibility for users to post links but worried about security and liability? The Repost feature may be the perfect solution for your server or channels!

When a user sends a message containing an unapproved link, Good Knight will delete the message and re-send it immediately in the same channel if Repost is activated. When Good Knight re-sends the message, it will add a warning message that one or more links contained in the message are not registered in this server and could be malicious.

If a Good Knight moderator or admin knows that the links contained in a message are not dangerous, they can easily approve the message by right-clicking on it and selecting Approve Message from the Apps menu. After entering their Good Knight password, the message will be updated to show that it has been approved! If the moderator want to deny the message, they can select Deny Message and the message will be deleted.

Activate the Repost feature for your server through the Manage Anti-link option in /setup or for specific channels/categories through the /link-manager

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