Secure Server Lockdown

panic mode locks down your server in the event of a hack

💎 this is a premium feature

Correctly setting up and using Good Knight will prevent many hacks but there is always the chance that a hack could happen. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. That's why with Good Knight's /panic command you have the ability to quickly lock your server and prevent damage if the worst happens.

How does Good Knight lock your server?

Good Knight's panic server lockdown is unique in that it will remove all permissions besides View Channels and Read Message History for any role, user, and bot below Good Knight that already have these permissions. This means that all dangerous permissions have now been scrubbed from any role, user, and bot below Good Knight on the roles hierarchy. Even webhooks are blocked from being sent in the server.

Other bots with a server lockdown feature will only toggle the Send Messages permission which is not very effective against hackers. In addition, Good Knight stores your current permissions so that it can re-apply them when the server is unlocked!

Who can initiate panic mode and save your server?

Because the /panic command requires your Good Knight password, all users registered with Good Knight have access to this command. This means that any of your admins/mods can save your server from a hack, but the hacker can't take advantage of this command. This feature also means that any user with Good Knight access can save the server, even if the hacked user is above them in the role hierarchy!

Who can unlock the server?

When the server is locked down, even the user who initiated panic mode may be locked out from taking any actions. To unlock the server, the /panic command must be run again by someone with a role above Good Knight and Good Knight access. The server owner will always have this ability.

What happens when the server is locked?

After Good Knight removes the permissions and locks the server, it will send a warning message to every channel so that all users are aware that a hack is in progress and to avoid clicking links in the server.

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