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Good Knight mod Quick Start Guide

Congratulations! Your server admin has given you permissions as a Good Knight mod. Now what?


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    Set your password with /password-manage​
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    Review the permissions you can access with /permissions-wizard​

Set your password!

Do this ASAP! Leaving your account without a password could allow a hacker to set your password and access Good Knight commands
You will not be able to access any commands until you have set your password. Run the /password-manage command. Any command that requires a password must be used in the Good Knight admin channel, usually named #good-knight-admin. If you do not have access to the Good Knight admin and/or Good Knight log channels, ask your server admin to give you these permissions in the channels:
  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Use Application Commands

Check your permissions

Review the permissions that you that you have access
If your server has anti-link protection or anti-webhook protection enabled
When a message contains an unapproved link or is from an unregistered webhook in a channel that Good Knight is monitoring, the message will be auto-deleted and reposted in the Good Knight logs channel, usually named #good-knight-logs. Good Knight will repost the full message along with a list of the links/webhooks that were moderated. Remember, Good Knight also monitors messages and webhooks sent by other bots!
To check what links and channels have been registered, run the /display-items command. Any channel that your Good Knight admin registered will allow any links!
If there's a link that should be allowed, you can register it with Good Knight and the bot will no longer delete messages sent with that link. Links can be registered or unregistered using the /link-register command. As an alternative, links can be registered directly from a drop-down menu sent with the deleted message in the #good-knight-logs channel. This menu is only present for a short time.
Links can be registered in two different ways:
  • Specific Link - Only this exact URL will be allowed in your server
  • Global Link - URL domains and path parts are registered which allows any other URL containing that exact structure to be posted in your server. For example: if you register, messages including links like will be allowed

Post Announcements

If you want to post an embedded message or your server uses shielded mass mentions
Embedded messages are a great way to share lots of content in a formatted and pretty way. The /post command provides you with a way to build these embed messages right from discord.
Security minded servers following the shielded mass mentions method restrict your use of @everyone, @here, and @<role> mentions, and place them behind Good Knight password protection. You can create announcements or mass mention people through the /post command, and even create pretty looking embedded messages this way.
The /post command also provides a quick way to share an unregistered link without having to go through the link registration process. This is especially useful for links that you will only be sharing once.

Moderate Members

If your server uses locked mod commands​
Moderation commands such as /kick and /ban are available straight from Good Knight. If your server is security focused, these commands may only be available to mods through Good Knight. This adds an extra layer of protection to prevent you from being kicked or banned by a hacker.