NFT project protection

The Good Knight bot is especially useful for NFT and other cryptocurrency focused projects. These Discord servers are high-value targets for hackers because of the amount of capital involved and the number of community members ready to spend money. A NFT discord server is at greatest risk for attack right before its mint date.

Hackers use phishing and social engineering schemes to infiltrate a project by compromising a team member, admin, or moderator's discord account by stealing their discord token. This token allows the hacker to bypass the user's password/2FA. Once the hacker has control of the account, they will create a "fake mint scam" which is typically a surprise mint announcement containing a malicious link. Since the fake mint seems to be coming from a trusted user, community members will click on the malicious link and connect their wallet. The hacker will then be able to drain their wallet of funds, NFTs, or both.

More recently, hackers have compromised several discord bots by phishing the bot developer. They will then create the same fake mint scam detailed above using the bot post a message or using the bot to give elevated permission access to another of their accounts. The Good Knight bot team have taken extra precautions to avoid compromise and protect against other bot compromises to keep your NFT server secure.

Both user and bot compromises are mitigated by a properly configured Good Knight Permissions Wizard setup as well as password protected anti-link and anti-webhook technology which can stop a hacker from posting malicious links

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