Why do you need Good Knight?

Defender of Discord

Good Knight is the ONLY bot that can protect your community after an admin/mod's account is compromised. The hacker will not be able to share malicious links, compromise webhooks, or mass mention without a Good Knight password.

What do hackers want?

The most common way a server is compromised is through phishing and social engineering schemes. The hacker will steal a users Discord token which bypasses the user's password/2FA and allows the hacker to access that account. Once in control of the account, the hacker will post malicious links within an announcement or webhook message. Since other users trust the server admin/mod, the hacker can quickly lure others into their trap.

This method has become a plague, especially for Roblox, NFT, and cryptocurrency servers, where victims follow the malicious link, send their credit card information or connect their cryptocurrency wallet, and are drained of their assets. In the last 6 months, over $80M have been stolen using this method. Good Knight prevents this scheme by blocking the hacker from sharing malicious links from a trusted account!

Don't other security bots protect servers?

Yes! Anti-spam, anti-raid, anti-nuke, and auto-moderation bots are critical to building a safe community but they have one fundamental security vulnerability. They all assume that admin/mod accounts are secure. This means that once a hacker gains access to an account trusted by the bot, the hacker can now use the bot for malicious purposes!

Good Knight is built to mitigate this vulnerability. It takes the opposite approach from most bots and assumes that a user is compromised until proven otherwise (correct password!). It's the last line of defense in your layered security system!

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