What is Good Knight?

post-compromise security bot that prevents malicious links, webhooks, mass mentions, and more. Even if an admin account or another bot has been hacked. Add password protection to your server!

Invite the Good Knight

Good Knight is a first-of-its kind layer-2 Discord security bot that uses innovative password protection technology to prevent malicious actions performed by hackers. Good Knight shields your server even if the hacker has compromised an admin, moderator, or bot account in your server!
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In-server password protection
Temporary power mod permissions
Instant secure server lockdown
Anti-link and link allowlist
Anti-webhook and webhook allowlist
Moderation and AutoMod quick setup
Secure Webhook Manager
2FA and authenticator app support
Shielded mass mentions
Create secure announcement embeds
Protection against compromised bots
Locked mod commands
Logging + quick whitelist
👑 Customization
Hacker countermeasures
It's free!
Helping mods have a Good Knight of sleep
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