The Good Knight's anti-link capabilities are an important feature protecting Discord communities from malicious links and spam. Good Knight deletes any message containing unregistered links posted in channels the bot has access to. This includes hyperlinks supported by Discord such as:
  • https://
  • http://
  • and more...
Good Knight's anti-link algorithm also stops look-alike links using alternate characters or zalgo text.
Disclaimer: There are always ways to sneak links past a bot. Good Knight's goal is to remove common link sharing methods so that malicious links require manual URL entry and/or improve the chances that a user can detect a malicious link
The anti-link system assumes that any link is malicious until registered to the allowlist by a Good Knight admin or mod. This includes links sent by users, webhooks, or other bots. Messages containing unapproved links are instantly deleted. The full message and the identified links are logged in the Good Knight Logs Channel.
There are two methods to register links to the allowlist:
  • Deleted Link Drop-down: Messages deleted and logged have a drop-down menu that offer a quick way to register multiple links. The drop-down menu expires after 5 minutes.
Links can be registered as Specific, which requires the link to exactly match, or Global, which allows for a domain + path registration that will allow any link containing those parts.

Setup Options

When running the /setup command, a server can customize anti-link in several ways.
  • Warnings: Toggle on/off warning messages that will be sent when a user's message is deleted. These warning messages last for 5 seconds.
  • Protection Mode: Toggle between Anti-Hack Mode and Mod Mode. Anti-Hack Mode protects all users by deleting unapproved links from any user, even the server owner. Mod Mode makes any user with Good Knight access immune to anti-link.
  • Bot Immunity: Choose how anti-link handles bots and webhooks. Choosing not to allow bot immunity means that you have extra protection against other bots being hacked.