description of the Good Knight /panic command

💎 this command is a premium feature




Instant secure server lockdown that can be used by any Good Knight admin/mod. This allows for the server to be protected by any admin/mod, even if they have lower permissions than a hacker. Good Knight takes a snapshot of the server permissions and reapplies them when unlocking


It is recommended to place Good Knight's role above any active user/role within your server. Good Knight cannot stop hacks from users with a higher role

Instant server lockdown in the event of a hack. Unlike other server lockdown bots, Good Knight's password protection blocks hackers from unlocking the server. When the server is locked, nearly all permissions are removed from all roles and channel permission overwrites below Good Knight. The only remaining permissions will be View Channels and Read Message History for the roles and users that already have these permissions. This method allows any admin/mod to protect the server, even if a user with a higher role has been hacked!

Other bots toggle the Send Messages permission to lockdown a server which does nothing to stop a hacker that has access to elevated permissions

Lockdown Server

When Good Knight locks the server, it sends a lockdown and hack warning message to every channel in the server. It does not funnel all users to one channel. This prevents Good Knight from creating a honey pot for hackers in the event that they've compromised an account above Good Knight's role.

Unlock Server

To unlock the server, use the /panic command again. When the server is unlocked, the pre-locked server settings are reapplied. Any attempts to manually update channels and/or roles may affect the outcome of this process. In addition, an unlock message is sent to every channel.

The only users that can unlock the server are:

  • server owner

  • any user with both:

    • Good Knight access

    • a role above Good Knight

  • any user with a role above Good Knight that has Manage Roles, Manage Channels, etc. or Administrator permissions can reset the server manually (not recommended)



  • Administrator

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