description of the Good Knight /manage-mods command

Only the server owner or Good Knight admin can use this command


/manage-mods <@user>


Setup, edit, or view a mod's access to Good Knight and manage the permissions and commands they can use


The server owner or Good Knight admins can assign any user Good Knight mod permissions. This will give the user access to the Good Knight admin and deleted links channels, along with the ability to use Good Knight commands.

Vulnerability: Make sure that the new Good Knight mod sets their password ASAP. Good Knight mods that haven't set their password are listed when using the /display-registered-items command

To give a user Good Knight mod permissions, tag them when executing the slash command and enter your Good Knight password.

You'll then be shown a list of all the permissions that you can assign the mod. These permissions serve two purposes:

  1. If the Permissions Wizard is active, the mod will be able to temporarily access any of the permissions toggled on. This allows the mod the power to use Discord as it was meant to be, but with the safety of password protection!

  2. Some specific commands require the mod to be assigned certain permissions, even if the Permissions Wizard is deactivated. These commands are marked with ⓟ

The mod's individual permissions can be toggled on/off from the drop-down menu. Once you are satisfied with the selected permissions, choose the Update Permissions button to finalize the user's access to Good Knight.

And that's it! The user now permissions to use Good Knight and will be automatically given access to the Good Knight admin and logs channels. If the Good Knight does not have Manage Roles permissions, it will warn you to assign the new Good Knight mod permissions manually so that they have access to these channels.

To remove a Good Knight mod, follow the same process as above, but instead select the Revoke Good Knight Access button. The user will lose Good Knight access and will automatically be removed from the Good Knight admin and logs channels. As with above, channel permissions will need to be removed manually if Good Knight does not have Manage Roles permissions.

Server owner and Good Knight admins have access to all permissions by default


  • Manage Roles

The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin channel:

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links


  • None

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