description of the Good Knight /link-manager command




Register or unregister links to allow them to be sent in the server and manage different link allowlists


Allows a Good Knight mod to register/unregister specific or global links for the server and registered channels. Good Knight will no longer delete this link when anyone posts it to any of the channels the link is registered to.

Tip: A good place to find links to register is in the Good Knight logs channel. Whenever a message with an unapproved link(s) is deleted, the message is reposted in this channel with a drop-down menu to quickly register links

When executing the /link-manager command, Good Knight will prompt you for your Good Knight password. After entering your password, you will be asked to select which set of anti-link allowlists to manage. The options will include the 📁 Server-wide Allowlists and any channel or categories registered with the /channel-manager command.

After selecting an allowlist set to manage, Good Knight will display information about the selection and several options. This includes:

  • Overview of the Server-wide, channel, or category's anti-link settings

  • List of registered links for the current allowlist being viewed

  • Drop-down menu to select a different allowlist set to manage

  • Buttons to navigate the allowlist currently being viewed

  • Global Links and Specific Links buttons to toggle between viewing the different allowlists

  • Buttons for manager options to register, duplicate, or unregister links

To learn more about the manager options, keep reading.

Clicking the Register Links button will attempt to register links to the allowlist currently being viewed. To switch between allowlists, use the Global Links and Specific Links buttons

  • Specific Link - Only this exact URL will be allowed in your server For example:

  • Global Link - Register a link domain + partial path to allow all types of links containing those URL parts For example: if you register, messages including links like above will be allowed

Careful with global link registration as it could re-introduce vulnerabilitiesTip: You can see what links have been registered using the /display-items command

Duplicate Allowlists


The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin and logs channels:

  • View Channel

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links


  • None

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