/link-register <url>


Allows a Good Knight mod to register/unregister a specific or global link for the server. The Good Knight bot will no longer delete this link when anyone posts it in any challenge that the bot has access to.
Tip: A good place to find links to register is in the Good Knight deleted links channel. Whenever a message with an unapproved link(s) is deleted, the message is reposted in this channel with a list of the unapproved links
When executing the /link-register command, you must provide a URL to register (<url>).
Then the bot will prompt you for your Good Knight password. After entering your password, you will be asked whether you'd like to register or unregister the link.
After selecting to register or unregister a link, you will need to determine if this link is a Specific link or a Global link.
  • Specific Link - Only this exact URL will be allowed in your server
  • Global Link - This URL is used as a basename that allows any other URL starting with that exact basename to be posted in your server. For example: if you register, messages including links like will be allowed
Careful with global link registration as it could re-introduce vulnerabilities
Tip: You can see what links have been registered using the /display-registered-items command


The Good Knight bot should have in the Good Knight admin and logs channels:
  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links


  • None
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